©2018 by Fat Kid Rules the World. 

Punk Rock music and Little Debbie Snack Cakes collide in this big new musical comedy about a lonely fat kid and his unlikely friend, a guitar playing, homeless delinquent...

and their epic quest to form the sickest new band on the lower east side... and in the world.

About the show

It’s 2003 in New York City and bullied Fat Kid, Troy Billings, is standing on the yellow line on a subway platform at the end of his rope. Just as he’s about to throw himself in front of the F train, blubber, guts and all, homeless and manipulative punk rock guitarist, Curt MacCrae, recognizes a meal ticket when he sees one and stops Troy from jumping on the tracks. The duo begins their unlikely kinship by forming a punk rock band, Rage/Tectonic, with Troy on drums, naturally. Troy has just a few problems... His father has yet to figure out how to parent his boys after the death of his wife; His younger brother Dayle is an unrelenting bully; Troy eats his feelings and... he just can’t play the Drums.

Battling his addiction and an abusive family life, Curt is desperate to keep his band together and won’t let Troy’s minor little setbacks stop him. As Curt spirals downward in self destruction and Troy’s insecurity and overeating grows (including the unfortunate “Great Vomit Incident” that goes down in punk rock history as legend) will these two misfits find a way to become the sickest punk rock band the Lower East Side has ever seen?


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